Who We Are

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The mission of SafeHouse Outreach is to help transition people experiencing homelessness from the streets of Atlanta to self-sufficiency. We are committed to effecting real change in the lives of those in the margins of society, by providing a hand-up, not just a hand out.


SHO’s vision is to be the premier service provider sought after by the homeless community built on the principle to Love God and Love People.


Every person has a story. Within all stories are moments worthy of honor.
We choose to find and celebrate each person’s past and present moments of success.

Life is hard. We choose the courage to speak openly and engage all people no matter their similarities or differences.

We choose to show empathy in action to all those we interact with. This is commonly referred to as compassion

As we serve those living below societal norms, we choose to implant dignity and self- worth into all those we serve.

Wholeness and freedom are found when a caring heart speaks and walks hand in hand with you in complete and sometimes painful truth. We choose truth over all options.

We choose a life of learning. Knowing that when learning ends, dying begins.

Pure love holds every life higher than your own. When all else fails, we choose love.

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